Is It Safe to Buy Car Insurance Online?

Finding the right car insurance can be a daunting task– one that can be simplified by being done online. But is buying car insurance online a safe practice? Let’s take a look at the facts.

It is never 100% safe to buy anything on the internet. There is always a chance, however minute, that your private information could be accessed by an outside party. As long as you take the necessary precautions though, you can have a relatively safe online buying experience.

A good way to avoid having your information stolen is to avoid visiting suspicious sites. You should only go to car insurance sites that use some type of high-level encryption. With millions of dollarsat stake, it behooves companies to keep their customers’ money as safe as possible. The major players in the insurance industry (GEICO, All-State) have excellent safeguards against hackers. They also usually have online security pages where you can find their privacy and security information. Using internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox) with high-encryption is a smart move to keep your info safe too.

If you’re considering using a smaller statewide or regional insurer, be sure to research their practices beforehand using the Better Business Bureau. Do they have a high rating? Are there numerous complaints?

Always use a credit or debit card for your online transactions. Credit card companies routinely offer theft protection, and some will contact you if they notice unusual spending. If it’s an option for you, consider using a secondary card that has access to a smaller, limited of money.

So What Are the Benefits of Buying Car Insurance Online?

Purchasing car insurance online accounts for a relatively small portion of total auto insurance sales, but it’s increasing in popularity. The number of online purchases is increasing about 5% each year. The reason for this increase is that people are saving a lot of money by shopping around online!

In a recent study conducted by the state of Massachusetts Insurance Commission, almost 40% of the study’s participants saved money by comparing auto insurance quotes from different insurance companies. More than 27% of the study’s participants revealed that they received over $300 in savings on their insurance! In conclusion, you are taking a risk when you buy car insurance online, but the benefits far outweigh that risk.You get the same rights as any other insured person, and the same channels of filing a claim are available as if you had bought your car insurance in person.

If you’re still wary of buying insurance over the internet, you can always shop for quotes online and then call or visit the car insurance company to get a representative to make the final transaction.