Special Considerations for the Driver

Relocating to a new country can be incredibly exciting, and the future may seem bright, but purchasing car insurance in the United States as an expatriate isn’t always easy. There are 38 million or more expatriates living in our country, and driving is a necessity for most who need to work and perform everyday tasks like going to the supermarket. Unfortunately, for foreign nationals, insurance is required in almost every state, and obtaining car insurance is even more difficult than getting a car loan or lease. The dual problem for foreign nationals who need car insurance And it’s not just the state. Whether you lease or buy a vehicle, financial […]

Most insurance companies won’t ask drivers outright whether they have a disability, but that doesn’t mean a disability won’t affect the policy-building process. Having a disability can often mean higher premiums – one study concluded that those with disabilities paid an average of $600 more annually for insurance. And higher costs are not the only concern; simply finding appropriate coverage can be challenging as well. Why Do Disabled Drivers Pay More for Car Insurance? Insurers can’t charge disabled policyholders more than anyone else because of a disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act strictly prohibits this kind of discrimination. And yet, there are certain risk rating factors which are likely to […]

If you’re a driving instructor, your basic personal insurance won’t be enough. Just consider the fact that many teen drivers or new drivers are behind the wheel of your car – or perhaps better said, your classroom – and it’s easy to understand why. Should anything go awry while teaching a new driver the rules of the road, you won’t have the proper coverage that would otherwise protect you, your passenger, and your finances. Cities and states across this country have been cracking down on driving schools and instructors who lack appropriate insurance, which not only could result in monetary penalties, but will also severely damage yours and your business’s […]

In the excitement of planning a trip, something like insurance is usually the last thing on your mind. Who could blame you for that when your head is filled with images of crystal blue water and sandy beaches? There are a select few, though, who may actually wonder if their car insurance will protect them on their trip. If you happen to be one of them (good for you!), here’s what you need to know. Other U.S. States As long as you’re properly insured according to the mandates and requirements of your state, you’ll have the same protection in any state. However, remember that every state has different car insurance guidelines, […]

Life after a driving conviction is awkward. You must learn to deal with the bad deed, pay the costs associated with it and figure out the life changes needed to make sure it never happens again. It could be as innocent as a temporary lapse of attention turned into a serious speeding fine, or as dangerous as a night out with friends turned into a DUI. First, let’s be thankful you survived that risky behavior while we contemplate what it will mean for your car insurance going forward. The True Cost of a Conviction Obviously, a conviction is a strong signal to companies that you may not be the ideal […]

Sharing a car among family members means that you will have several drivers on your car insurance policy. They say sharing is caring, but they also say no good deed goes unpunished. Chances are that your shared rate will be based on the driving record and risk profile of the worst driver in the group. It’s like basketball–you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Finding ways to strengthen that weak link is the key to bringing down your car insurance premiums. Why You Must List Every Driver It’s tempting to leave that premium-inflating driver off your car insurance policy, but it’s a very bad idea. Usually, when someone attempts […]

When it comes to car insurance, it’s not a secret that women have it easier than their male counterparts. CBS news reports that an 18 year old male living in Nevada would pay 51% higher insurance rates than his twin sister, even if they had the same car, grades, and insurance plan. This seems to be the case around the nation as well. Overall, women are safer drivers, getting into fewer wrecks and receiving fewer tickets than men, so we’re rewarded with lower insurance rates. Women are still susceptible to high insurance rates, but by following the rules of the road and being a smart consumer, you can enjoy insurance […]

Ten years ago, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) worried the aging Baby Boomer generation was a looming threat to roadway safety. But this generation has proven IIHS wrong, both by driving more than previous aging generations and by doing it more safely. Today’s seniors should expect discounts for their good driving records and tendency to drive safely. Still, the special health concerns faced by seniors give reasons to proceed with some caution. Here’s what everyone should know about seniors, car insurance, and driving safety. Experience Brings Safety Anne McCartt, senior vice president for research at the IIHS, reported that no matter how we look at statistics on older […]

As a parent, the idea of letting a teen drive without supervision makes me cringe. If I had my way, my kids would drive only with provisional licenses (permits) until they reached legal adulthood at 18, when I no longer had a say in the matter. I feel this way because I’ve spent many years working in car insurance. I’ve seen too many accidents where a car full of teens went off the road in a terrifying wreck. In my experience, six months is just not enough to learn to drive. As such, I’m a big fan of graduated licensing laws that create restrictions for new drivers. Restricting Teen Driving […]

Statistics are the basis for car insurance rates. Companies look at how likely you are to be in a crash based on demographics and other factors. Certain groups, like teens, are riskier than others, and therefore pay more for car insurance. One of the risk factors insurers consider is occupation. And as it turns out, military personnel tend to have fewer accidents. It looks like all that discipline pays off. Why the Military Enjoys Car Insurance Discounts Some occupations are populated with drivers that have fewer accidents than the general population. For military personnel, it could be because much of their driving is done on military bases. They also tend […]

When it comes to car insurance, there’s no such thing as gender equality. Men get the short end of the stick on this one, but they’ve really done it to themselves. Some people might quickly assume it’s just because men drive faster than women, but that’s a generalization not rooted in facts. Women are just as likely to speed as men, but it’s a well-known fact that men enjoy pretending they’re NASCAR drivers – and that they still pay more for car insurance. So after decades of women being bad drivers, what’s the sudden big deal about male drivers and insurance? Before men start striking for equal rights and having rallies […]

Some drivers are more likely to become involved in accidents. These drivers are labeled “high risk” by insurance companies and pay higher premiums to compensate companies for the higher number of claims they initiate. Drivers in this group include teen drivers and those with previous accidents, driving violations, or bad credit histories. High risk drivers must be patient and work at improving their risk profiles over time. However, most drivers can improve their ratings and enjoy lower premiums if they spend a solid year focusing on better driving and financially responsible behaviors. What Happens if You Need High Risk Car Insurance? So, what are your options after learning you fall […]

First, let’s clear something up: you don’t need good credit to buy car insurance. You do, however, need it to save money on car insurance. Many don’t realize just how much their credit scores affect the amount they pay in car insurance premiums. If you have bad credit, your best approach is to work on getting your credit in good shape and apply for car insurance discounts to control premiums while you work on improving your credit score. Credit: How It’s Used to Determine Your Rates Most car insurance companies (95 percent) use your credit history in one way or another. But they don’t use it to predict whether you’ll pay […]

Do you completely stop at every stop sign, drive the speed limit, and use your indicator every time you switch lanes? If you’re the kind of person who avoids traffic infractions, you could be saving money on your car insurance. These discounts can help you save on your insurance premium: Drivers with clean driving records may receive what’s called the “safe driver” discount. Different carriers offer different incentives for being a safe driver, so here’s what you need to know: Each company has its own definition of “safe driver.” In general, you’re a safe driver if you: • Have had no at-fault accidents in the past 5 years • Have […]

Every major carrier offers a car insurance discount for good students. It’s one of the easiest discounts to get, and this video will bring you up to speed about who it’s for and how it works. Why do good students get a discount? Insurance carriers know that young and inexperienced drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents, and parents know that adding a young driver to their policy means higher premiums for the same coverage. But statistics show that students who are doing well in school are relatively less likely to be involved in crashes than other young drivers, making them cheaper to insure. That’s why good students […]