Understanding What’s Covered

Car insurance covers all those nasty expenses that arise when something unexpected and unintended happens related to your vehicle and your driving – namely the costs that come up after car accidents, theft or vandalism. These expenses can be based on liability when you cause an accident, or for damage to your car whether you’re at fault or not. Beyond these basics, a few car insurance endorsements can add extra coverage that’s nifty but optional. Let’s look at 1) the insurance you have to carry by law, 2) the insurance you might want to buy for yourself, and 3) a few endorsements some people like to carry. Every state but […]

When it comes to auto insurance, there are a myriad of options. There’s the trusty (ahem, mandatory) liability insurance, collision and comprehensive, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and the list goes on. An insurance agent may try selling you any policy under the sun to help bolster their commission, which is why car owners really need to step back and determine what kind of insurance they need before committing to a policy or before even beginning to shop for one. You also definitely don’t want too little coverage, which is financially irresponsible. So how do you find the sweet spot? Three Questions to Determine Your Car Insurance Coverage #1: How […]

Most people only have a basic understanding of car insurance: You get in an accident, and then the policy pays for the damage, right? Well, there’ s a lot more to it than that, and knowing how car insurance works when it comes to car repairs can help you make sure you get what you pay for. Car Insurance Policies and Car Repairs When it comes to repairs, there are two basic kinds: repairs needed because of 1) damage from an accident, or 2) mechanical breakdown. You might also simply have the costs of routine maintenance, but that’s not really a repair; that’s just the cost of keeping the car. […]

For a long time, insurance companies offered breakdown and towing coverage as an afterthought on comprehensive auto insurance. And most people, instead of using that coverage, joined AAA to deal with a potential breakdown. But in the 1990s, luxury car brands started providing free roadside assistance with new car purchases. The idea caught on and almost every carmaker offers this option now. Services have now popped up in cellphone plans and credit card agreements too. Today there are many options for breakdown and towing protection. And every coverage option has its own pitfalls, advantages, and of course, costs. Whether you have your car insurance cover breakdown and towing, use an […]