Getting the right car insurance is a bit more involved than finding the lowest price. It’s important that you get the right coverage for your situation, and first you need to understand what’s available. There are five main categories or types of auto insurance coverage. Let’s go through them: Liability coverage is the most common because almost every state requires you to carry some minimum amount in order to drive legally. Liability coverage pays for the damage you cause in an accident when you are at fault. Specifically, liability coverage will pay for bodily injuries and property damage of others. Remember that liability insurance does not cover any of your […]

Sometimes you need a break from the daily grind. So you hop on a plane to paradise where all your worries set sail with the wind. There’s just one small problem—you need a way to travel around. Thankfully, you can rent a car, but what about hurricanes, car thieves, and other drivers? Thankfully, you can get rental car insurance, too. When you approach the rental car counter, the clerk will offer you rental car insurance. Before you waste any cash buying coverage, here is what you need to know: You may already have coverage The rental car clerk will present you with the choice to buy a Loss and Damage […]

Sometimes accidents happen. And, sometimes, they happen to your friends, when they’re driving YOUR car. So when your college roommate bumps a stranger’s car with your vehicle, who does the insurance company fault? Does insurance follow the car or the driver? Let’s start with a few general rules. First, state laws require drivers to have insurance that covers minimum liability standards. If your college roommate is a driver, then he must carry minimum liability protection for his state. Second, as the owner of the car, you may choose to carry comprehensive or collision coverage in addition to the mandatory liability coverage. Collision and comprehensive are coverage for any damage incurred […]

Whether you’re 16, 70, or anything between your age has an effect on the cost of your car insurance. It’s one of the main factors that car insurance companies use to determine your premium. The reason for this is that to the insurer, age is directly related to experience. This is why young or new drivers generally have the highest premiums. On the other end of the spectrum, drivers who are 70 and older may be subject to higher costs as well. This may seem like age discrimination on the surface, but these policies are based on statistical evidence that shows these age groups, along with new drivers, cause the […]

Totaling your car can be a devastating experience. Twelve to 14 percent of all post-accident insurance appraisals result in a total loss. This means that if you are in a car accident, there’s a one in seven chance that your car will be considered totaled. Your first step is to call your insurance company. They will send a car damage adjuster to determine if you car is totaled. Your car can be considered totaled if the damage to the vehicle is so severe that it can’t be repaired safely. It can also be considered totaled if the repairs will be more than the cost of the vehicle itself. Or if […]

So you’ve bought a car that’s new to you. Not only is a used car cheaper than its brand new counterpart, car insurance for your used car is generally cheaper too. Take advantage of the savings by using these tips: First, be sure you check the safety and reliability of your new (used) car. Insurance companies evaluate your risk partly based on your car’s history. Any significant accidents or repairs will drive up your premiums. You can access your car’s history before you buy it through websites such as The insurance company you choose, however, will evaluate your premiums based on their own claims data, so be sure you […]

Do you completely stop at every stop sign, drive the speed limit, and use your indicator every time you switch lanes? If you’re the kind of person who avoids traffic infractions, you could be saving money on your car insurance. These discounts can help you save on your insurance premium: Drivers with clean driving records may receive what’s called the “safe driver” discount. Different carriers offer different incentives for being a safe driver, so here’s what you need to know: Each company has its own definition of “safe driver.” In general, you’re a safe driver if you: • Have had no at-fault accidents in the past 5 years • Have […]

Make and model, wheels and paint, features, financing, prices. When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, car insurance doesn’t always leap to mind. But whatever you choose, your new car will need to be insured before you can drive it off the lot, which makes shopping for car insurance a critical part of the new-car-buying process. You should start comparing rates and getting quotes as soon as you have a good idea of the models you’re interested in. The specific car you buy can have a dramatic impact on your insurance rates, and insuring a new car isn’t quite as simple as adding it to an existing policy, even if […]

Every major carrier offers a car insurance discount for good students. It’s one of the easiest discounts to get, and this video will bring you up to speed about who it’s for and how it works. Why do good students get a discount? Insurance carriers know that young and inexperienced drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents, and parents know that adding a young driver to their policy means higher premiums for the same coverage. But statistics show that students who are doing well in school are relatively less likely to be involved in crashes than other young drivers, making them cheaper to insure. That’s why good students […]

Car accidents are so stressful. Your car is wrecked, your day is ruined, and you know the hardest part is still to come–because now you have to deal with the insurance company. Filing a claim may seem like a nightmare, but with a few basic principles in mind you can navigate the claims process with your sanity intact and without losing your shirt. First, remember that: The Insurance Company is Not Your Friend Insurance companies want to make money. To be profitable, they need to collect more premiums than they pay out in claims. The bottom line is that an insurance company has no incentive to maximize your recovery after […]

Claiming auto insurance coverage after an accident can be a time consuming and stressful process. The following tips will keep you on track as you navigate the claims process. It all starts with the accident, of course. Always remember, if you’re injured or think you might be injured, consult with an attorney before dealing with the insurance company. Even if you don’t intend to sue anybody and might handle the whole process yourself, you should learn your rights and risks in order to go in with your eyes open. So assuming you’re not injured, the recovery process starts at the scene of the accident. It’s there, in the commotion following […]

Discounts are awesome, but car insurance discounts can seem especially hard to get. Many of us have wondered if there isn’t some trick to finding them. Sadly, there are no tricks; but there is a strategy to finding the best car insurance discounts and getting a great deal. The process is simple: First, investigate the array of discounts offered and which ones you might qualify for. Next, ask around for discounts with confidence. Finally, see what you can do to optimize your situation and pick a policy. That’s it. Now let’s go through those steps… 1. Investigate There are lots of car insurance discounts. Getting good grades? Get a discount. […]

Finding the right car insurance can be a daunting task– one that can be simplified by being done online. But is buying car insurance online a safe practice? Let’s take a look at the facts. It is never 100% safe to buy anything on the internet. There is always a chance, however minute, that your private information could be accessed by an outside party. As long as you take the necessary precautions though, you can have a relatively safe online buying experience. A good way to avoid having your information stolen is to avoid visiting suspicious sites. You should only go to car insurance sites that use some type of […]