Every car insurance company offers so many different discounts for different drivers and automobiles, it can be dizzying trying to keep them all straight. First Quote Insurance has painstakingly compiled all of the various discounts for the top car insurers nationwide to make your shopping as easy as possible.

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State Farm
Liberty Mutual
Good Student *Up to 25% *Up to 20% *Up to 15% *Up to 15% *Up to 15%
Multi-Vehicle *Up to 20% *Up to 25%
Multi-Policy *Up to 17% *Up to 10% *Up to 20% *Up to 25% *Up to 5%
Safe Driver *Up to 10% *Up to 45% *Up to 26% *Up to 10%
Defensive Driving Class *Up to 5% / Up to 15% for drivers under 25 *Up to 10% *Up to 10% *Up to 5%
Vehicle Safety Features *Up to 30% *Up to 40%
Anti-Theft *Up to 10% *Up to 25% *Up to 5% *Up to 15%
Low Mileage
Driver Training Course *Up to 10% *Up to 10%
Safe Driving Device *Up to 5% now / Up to 50% at renewal *Up to 30% *Up to 5% now / Up to 20% at renewal
Prepayment *Up to 10% *Up to 5%
Payment Method *Up to 5% *$30 off
Distant Student *Up to 35%
Affinity *Up to 10%
“Green” Car *Up to 10% *Up to 10%
Early Signing *Up to 10%
Auto Club
Military *Up to 25%
Private Parking
Farm Vehicle *Up to 10%
New Car *Up to 30% *Up to 10%
Good Payer *Up to 5%
Senior/Retiree *Up to 10%
Daytime Running Lights *Up to 3%
New Customer
Seat Belt Use *Up to 15%
Family *Up to 25% *Up to 10%
Teen Driver

This information is valid as of 2014. Discount data was obtained from the respective insurers, either from company web pages or through telephone inquiries.Car insurance is regulated by states. Some discounts listed as being offered are available only in certain states. The requirements/eligibility for a particular discount will vary among providers. Discounts sometimes apply only to specific portions of coverage and not the entire policy/premium. Certain discounts listed as not being offered may be related to standard rating factors at some companies. For example, even though many companies are listed as not offering a ‘senior’ or ‘teen’ driver discount, age is a rating factor that may affect the cost of your insurance with any company.

Call the insurer to ask whether specific discounts are available in your state and under what terms.