How to Get Car Insurance Discounts

Discounts are awesome, but car insurance discounts can seem especially hard to get. Many of us have wondered if there isn’t some trick to finding them.

Sadly, there are no tricks; but there is a strategy to finding the best car insurance discounts and getting a great deal. The process is simple: First, investigate the array of discounts offered and which ones you might qualify for. Next, ask around for discounts with confidence. Finally, see what you can do to optimize your situation and pick a policy. That’s it.

Now let’s go through those steps…

1. Investigate

There are lots of car insurance discounts. Getting good grades? Get a discount. Have a safe job? You can get a discount. Serving in the military? Discount. The hardest part about getting car insurance discounts may be learning about all the random things that qualify you for one. Here’s a crash course in what’s available.

Most car insurance discounts fall into 3 categories:

Driver discounts reward you for having a better risk profile, which makes you easier and cheaper to insure. Having a clean driving record, driving fewer miles, or completing a defensive driving course could all qualify you for a driver discount.

Policy discounts reward you for being a good customer. For example, you may be able to get a policy discount for insuring multiple cars with the same company, or for bundling your automobile policy with insurance for something else.

Vehicle discounts are just what they sound like. Driving a new car, driving a car that has airbags, or having a theft prevention system could all qualify you for a vehicle discount.

Visit the websites for all the major insurers and make a list of the various discounts offered in each category. You’ll need to be familiar with what’s available in order to see what insurance companies will give you. Because you won’t get any discounts until you…

2. Ask

It’s time to interrogate the insurance companies and identify your discount opportunities. Starting with your current provider, call them up and ask if you qualify for any discounts. If you’re a loyal customer, they may offer you something right away. If not, don’t worry. What you really want right now is information, and lots of it.

Take the time to go through the list of particular discounts they offer and whether you might qualify. Be friendly, and try to get them to estimate how your rates would change if you became eligible for various specific discounts. Repeat this process with all the big car insurance companies. If they want to give you an official quote, take it. Just make sure they tell you which discounts they’re willing to offer, and make a list of those too.

3. Optimize

Armed with information and possibly quotes from multiple insurance companies, you’re ready to optimize your hunt for discounts. Here you want to think compare and compete.

Make another round of calls to all the insurers on your list, and again ask for a quote that factors in the discounts they already said you’d qualify for. Once they’ve given you an attractive quote, try to add on more discounts by comparing and competing with your offers from other companies.

Tell Company B how Company A offers a discount for driving a hybrid car. Does Company B offer anything like that? Would they consider it for you?

Make it clear that you know your stuff, and you might be able to generate a bit of competition between sales agents and get an unexpected discount. At the very least, you should capture all the discounts you’re qualified for, and be able to choose a policy with confidence that you’re not leaving money on the table.

Remember, to find the best car insurance discounts: investigate, ask and optimize.